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Mehadia Fortress is located in Mehadia village, Caras-Severin county, very close to Baile Herculane Resort. It was built, probably, in the 13th century, by a Hungarian noble family named Gutkeled, to protect the borders of the Hungarian Kingdom. Its importance was strategic because the fortress is placed high on a hill, right at the edge of an abyss. The entrance was possible only on one side of it. In the first part of the 15th century, the fortress was, for a few years, the residence of Teuton knights, brought again in the area by the King Sigismund of Luxembourg. Later, the Fortress was used by Ioan of Hunedoara as a protection against the Turks.

Today, only a few walls of the monument can be seen, because the Fortress was broken down, in 1738, during the third Austrian-Turkish war.


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