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The Rohiţa monastery dates since the 18th century. At first it was built of wood but it was incinerated by the army of Bucow. The legend says that the monks were gone looking for food because of the famine. The villagers salvaged the burned church. When the monks returned they were grieved and decided to leave the place. When they reached the top of a hill they cursed the village to be burned and flooded seven times and  never to grow good oaks for construction. The cursed couldn’t be lifted until a new worship would’ve been built in the same place as the old church.

In 1904 the noblemen hoped the curse will be lifted and they built a big cross with the inscription “Pray and work” on the old place but it didn’t work. The village burned three times and was flooded twice. His Grace Justinian donated a land and the villagers built a monastery and so the cursed was lifted.

The altar has a small tower. The towers are covered with shingle, the iconostasis and decking are made of wood. In 1990 Rohiţa became hermitage of Rohia monastery and in 1993 four monks joined it.

The name of the monastery comes from a nearby stream named Rohiţa Valley. Many think that is a the name of a child, “the child of Rohia”.

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