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Locatie : AlbaSebes

The Red Ravine is a natural reserve located on the administrative territory of Sebes, Alba county; 4 km away from the city.

The beauty and the uniqueness of the Red Ravine is almost impossible to be noticed. It was named „the Red Ravine” because of the colour of the rocks. The tourists can find it easily: from the center of the city you have to go towards Daia Romana, turn left when you are in front of the military unit and go straight 3 km.

The Red Ravine is a natural reserve formed from erosion and streaming and it is spread on a surface of 10 km. The Red Ravine is a huge wall with the aspect of an overwhelming pipe orgen. The landscape is bizarre and strange, it is formed from different shapes, columns, towers, piramids, all red, and in contrast with the vegetation. The gravel and the sandstone are rich in iron oxide, that is the reason of the red colour. Even if it looks easy to climb/hike, the Red Ravine can be difficult to climb because of the steep walls.

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